Altered Inventions

Altered Inventions -- Eight Bach inventions, Prelude in C, and an adagio by Mozart are the beginning of this work. Aside from arranging these pieces in a modern jazz style, several have been altered in the time signature resulting in a different feel and rhythm from the original classic melodies. In a departure from previous work, and after a long haitus from music, Erickson uses no synthesized sounds on the entire CD.
Another combination of nice grooves and nice moods, excerpts from Altered Inventions have already been used on an audiobook published by RandomHouse (The Joy of Pi). Although many have modernized the work of Bach, few remain true to his chord structure to reveal the timeless adaptability of his work.

Whether listening intently to every note, or just letting it play as a backdrop to your life, you will not be disappointed with Altered Inventions.

Alter your life... $12.oo

1. Two Part #1
2. Three Part #1
3. Three Part #3
4. Adagio
5. Two Part #13
6. Two Part #8
7. Three Part #9
8. Two Part #4
9. Two Part #14
10. Prelude in C