Pi Symphony Performance Fund

Pi Symphony (Synthesized Rendition) -- Pi Symphony is a 14 minute orchestral work in two movements based on the digits of pi. The inspiration for the Pi Symphony came from the discovery, by Erickson, that the digits of Pi=3.141592... actually make a tonal, composed-sounding melody. Beyond that, the same sequence of numbers is used to create the harmonic structure for itself. Although it is a coincidence, the remarkable importance of pi to math and science was inspiration enough to create a lasting work symbolizing the joy of learning and discovery, and the intimate connection between math and music.

By purchasing the sythesized rendition of The Pi Symphony you can become a part of it! The names of all those who purchase this CD will be included on the Master Score and in the program notes of any performance. The proceeds go towards getting an orchestral performance and promotion of the Pi Symphony.

Have a piece of pi... $15.oo