Smile From A Stranger

Smile From a Stranger -- Picks up where Time Circles leaves off. Eleven instrumental tracks and one vocal, 'Rainy Day', combine nice grooves and nice moods. The title track syncopates in three with traditional jazz sound while other songs stretch more in the direction of ambient synthetic, melodic, and happy.

The twelve songs are really six pairs,

Smile From a Stranger, Smile From a Friend,
Dormant Dream, Dream Train,
My one-year-old, Emma ( my daughter ),
Conversation, Alien Conversation,
Rainy Day, Rainy Night.
Germany, Stay With you

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1. Germany (:30 sample)
3. Emma (:30 sample)
5. Dormant Dream (:30 sample)
7. Conversation (:30 sample)
9. Rainy Day (:30 sample)
11. Alien Conversation (:30 sample)
2. Smile From A Stranger (:30 sample)
4. Dream Train (:30 sample)
6. My One Year Old (:30 sample)
8. Smile From A Friend (:30 sample)
10. Rainy Night (:30 sample)
12. Stay With You (:30 sample)