Their RIPPEN you OFF!!

By Tillie McFarland


I decided not to give my name for this diatribe. It seems you really don't need to identify yourself when bashing someone on the internet. You don't need to know proper english, or how to spell. The more hurtful the better, too.

It's ironic that Amazon would offer the chance for anyone to sell their wares, and then allow anyone else to review the product. Constructive criticism is one thing, but how about competitors, or just plain evil folk who just don't like the seller. Shouldn't the bad reviewer have to at least sign his/her name to their work?

I have found it is much harder to create something good than to destroy it. Look at how easily the terrorists toppled the World Trade Center. They, at least, believed so strongly in their cause that they were not only willing to take credit for their evil, but they were willing to die for it.

I also have found over the years that for something to be well liked, there will be others who dislike it. The more that some like it, the more others will hate it.

Amazon does not allow the seller to know who has bought the product, they just let you know that someone was stupid enough to pay nearly double the price for your product and they might pay you a fraction of the take if you send another copy to them.

You don't get to know who your customer was.

Then, they will let someone else write a scathing and nasty, mean and virtually false description of your product and post it as a review.

They can sign it with the name 'underdog' or 'mustang sally'. Hey, these are qualified reviewers, right? Why would a retailer want to try to sell a product with a big sign next to it that says, " This is bad, don't buy it"?

This is the mystery. Could it be that, in addition to the nearly 100% mark-up and the 43% return, which leaves the original seller with much less than if he had sold it himself --and leaves the customer information secret and the unsuspecting customer taken for twice a fair price, Amazon.con wants to charge an extra fee just for listing a product. Ironically, one finds it difficult just to say, 'No thank-you, please take my product off your website.'.

No thank-you, PLEASE take my product off your website!

No can do. Amazon doesn't take the nasty reviews down, they live on forever. They will not pull the product off their shelf. Now, I wonder if that EXTRA fee they were trying to collect from the suppliers has anything to do with this malice? It doesn't make a lot of sense, but why not slam any product that isn't paying the extortion fee? Oops, did someone say something bad about AMAZON?

Well, this has gone on too long, and one thing I have realized lately, it just does not pay to get angry at greedy people. I prefer to lead a quality life, which, after all, is sweet revenge on the creeps of this world, who probably cannot fathom it what quality is...