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Small Bathroom Cabinet

A Corner Sink

The small size of the this basement bathroom necessitated a creative layout. I decided to make a corner sink to help the flow. I looked into re-building the shower so that it would open opposite the door, but there was a little too much plumbing in the wall for it to be feasible.

The rounded front concrete counter with a drop-in sink has a five sided door to match.

Inside are some rebar, especially around the sink where the widths are small.

In this case, regular concrete was augmented with some lime and white portland. Much trowelling was done to ensure a smooth top, which is not sealed. With any concrete project, the real key is moisture during the curing process, which should last about a week. Technically, concrete continues to cure for many years if kept moist. A plastic covering and a spray bottle are all you need.

The cabinet is made of inexpensive pine and will be sealed with a polyurathane.

Door doubles as a shelf.

There are two little shelves inside the curved door to allow for some extra storage.

The light smooth finish is pleasant for a bathroom.

Throne View

What I love about this cabinet is that it is a few inches higher than your standard vanity. It looks nothing like a prefab, pressed wood laminated cheap cabinet.