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Some potential Building details -- or book ends.
I had this idea for a swirling star quite a while ago, but the first one did not go as deep as this. The Yin goes in, and the yang goes out.

The last time I saw Kent Bellows, I showed him these two pieces. He really liked them! ( and Kent did not find it difficult to say if he DIDN'T like something)
A Marble head in progress
My daughters head and shoulders will barely fit on this 200 lb. piece of Colorado Marble. I suspended work on this piece for almost two years due to vandals in our neighborhood. Things are looking better now.
This practise head was carved from a military headstone.

Tom's Head
I am concentrating on portraits in stone. A stone can last for thousands of years if properly cared for. It is a three dimensional snapshot of the subject. The more and varied subjects I do, the better I become as a stone carver and artist

Helen, Age 7
Helen was carved from Tulsa limestone

My Son
My son's head was carved from a rough stone.

A Nurses Hat
  A nurses hat in marble.

Current Projects
My Daughters, Helen and Emma.

Helen in Tulsa Limestone

...and Emma in Marble from Marble, Colorado.

And my self-portrait for the album cover.

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