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Toothpick Bridge Home
  This page will introduce the pages about toothpick bridge construction. Since introducing a page for this endeavor, I have seen emails and questions from all over the world.

It is no wonder that the response has been positive, because it is not an easy assignment and my first page told step-by-step how I went about solving the problem.

Since that first page, I am proud to include a couple of new pages that illustrate what others have done, and the success they have had with my helpful hints, and their own efforts.

  Here' the original toothpick page.

How to build a toothpick bridge
This has some detailed instructions about the construction and design.

What Others are doing

This page was called Quest for the Best. What I found on the internet after looking around myself to compare what I was showing on my page to what people might see when doing a web-search.

Quest for the Best

A couple of examples

Here are a couple examples of the ingenuity of a 13 year old. My favorite, by far, is Chad, who enthusiastically has modelled his bridge after mine and brought home the gold, as it were.

Chad, Jonathan, Andy

Eric's Bridges

The Quebec Connection

This father-son team from Quebec actually called me last spring to discuss the intricacies of toothpick bridge design. They opted for a 'crystal-structure' approach to the strength issue and went in an entirely different direction than the catenary arch.

The Canadians

I like the economy of their efforts. Very few toothpicks. I recommend this page to those with similar contest constraints.

Down South

When I got an email from Tom Edwards, It was about the same time I got another from a mother who said something like," Your website has calmed my nerves". ( I still haven't gotten a picture of their efforts) but eventually Tom sent me his daughters bridge picture.

Another GREAT arch.

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