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Altered Inventions
  One of my favorite recordings, as a child, was Wendy Carlos' electronic Bach renditions, "Switched on Bach". Later, I learned to play many of the Bach Two-Part Inventions and grew a deep appreciation for his logical approach to harmony and melody. While my roots are mostly in jazz, I usually ended up "swinging" the inventions. When I discovered the Three-Part Inventions, I decided to put together a collection of recordings of these pieces, played in a standard acoustic jazz ensemble.

The Album project.
  Altered Inventions is the title of that collection. Bach is not easy to play, and changing the time signature to say, 5 /4 , makes matters a little more interesting, but with the help of several musicians, not the least of which is my wife, Lisa, the collection is FINISHED and available in the
Music Store !

By using the latest digital recording techniques, I have the luxury of using real sound. I am using synthesizers for arranging and laying out the parts and score, but the final recording uses acoustic instruments played by human musicians. I am very happy with the way these tracks turned out. Mixed and mastered and out to several hundred radio stations, Altered Inventions was finished in August of 2002.

The Inventions
  1. Two Part Invention #1 (C 7/4)

Mp3 sample 400k

2. Three Part Invention #11 (Gm 3/4)

3. Three Part Invention #3 (D 4/4)

Mp3 sample 330k

4. Adagio ( Mozart) (Bm 3/4)

5. Two Part Invention #13 (Am 4/4)

Mp3 sample 359k

6. Two Part Invention #8 (F 5/4)

7. Three Part #9 (Fm 7/4)

7. Two Part #4 (Dm 3/4)

8. Two Part Invention #15 (Bb 7/4)

10. Prelude in C (C 7/4)

Mp3 sample 430k

The Musicians
  Lars Erickson- Piano, arrangements

Rick Brown- Flute, Trombone

Mark Haar - Acoustic Bass

Lisa Erickson- Flute

Jason Koba - Drums

Albert Ross- Vibes

Dave Downing-Cello ( 2part8)

Jennifer Welch-Flute ( 2part8)

Melissa Pruss-Violin ( 2part15)

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